Health & Wellness for the whole family!

Welcome the the Carson Chiropractic Clinic in Tempe, Arizona!

Our goal is to make your visit to our clinic the best it can be!  We are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible chiropractic experience.  Don't forget, we have been patients as well as doctors.  We developed our practice treating patients the way we like to be treated! 

We are frequently asked, "If I see a Chiropractor once do I have to keep coming for the rest of my life?"  The answer is NO!  We will treat you one time or until you are fully healed and send you on your healthy way.  Many times, however, patients are reinjured or have recurring issues due to repetitive stresses from work or play.  In some cases patients may benefit from a maintenance type schedule to alleviate problems in their early stages.  But we do not demand a rigid schedule of appointments for patients or insist upon a life-time of devotion.  While we may make certain recommendations based on our experience, you are in control.  We do not subject patients to high-pressure sales tactics.  We are friendly and relaxed and want your experience as a patient to be a pleasant one.

 If you've never seen a Chiropractor, relax!  We'll take good care of you!